Our Story

From a single salon to iconic  brand, our story is one of global growth,

 inspirational leadership and outstanding creativity.

About Us

India’s leading luxury salon which offers the latest trends from the world of fashion and beauty, together with the finest products of international repute in hair, make up and skincare. Silhouette Salon has over 52 years of experience in catering to a discerning and sophiscated clientele and ensures that guests and global travellers, enjoy unique wellness experiences based on personalised services. Welcome to our pampering experiences in an elegantly designed interior, with emphasis on hygiene, by our proficient team of specialists.


The philosophy of Silhouette Salon often revolves around providing a high-end and indulgent experience for clients. Our aim to create an exclusive and upscale environment & our team will ensure a personalized experience for clients.

Silhouette Salon leads a highly experienced team of stylists, colourists and beauty experts who work  together to create an outstanding experience and exceptional level of service to clients, whatever their requirements may be.

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Our vision is to create a space where guests not only discover their inner beauty but also feel genuinely special. We are dedicated to the art of personal elegance, offering tailor-made hair and beauty services with a focus on expertise and premium products. Our commitment is to consistently provide a high-end experience, fostering an atmosphere of style and sophistication.


At Silhouette Salon, our mission is simple yet profound. We aim to build lasting relationships with our clients by understanding and meeting their needs. We strive to offer personalized services in a calm and refined environment. Our goal is to ensure that every guest experiences a blend of style, elegance, and a sense of well-being during their time with us.